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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) has changed my practice in incredible ways. Not only are the results excellent but it can be less distressing for the client when we process painful events. EMDR is approved by the American Psychological Associations, the World Health Organization, and the Veterans Association. It is evidenced based. Repeated studies show by using EMDR, people can sometimes experience the benefits of Psychotherapy in as little as a few months that may have taken years to make a difference.

Originally EMDR was used primarily for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder however it has been found to be successful in treating other issues as well:

Panic Disorder


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Performance Anxiety

Low Self Esteem

Stress Management

Past/Recent traumatic events

EMDR not only helps with Big Trauma but it has shown to be very successful with Small Trauma as well (humiliated at school/work, past poor performances, betrayed by family or friends, etc). Even less  dramatic life experiences can cause us significant distress and have a negative impact on how we see ourselves and how we function. Problems involving negative thoughts and emotions are generally the result of negative past experiences that are improperly stored in the brain. When the brain improperly stores the facts and emotions of a trauma, the person will re-experience them when remembering the painful event as well. So often times, memories of this painful memory will cause us to feel as bad as when it first happened.  Hence the "Why can't I just get over this?"


EMDR appears to work by rebooting the memory process so that the memories and NOT the painful emotions are stored. Many find after treatment that they will remember the traumatic event, but it just doesn't bother them. It will also help with any negative beliefs about yourself related to the trauma.

Together we will identify the significant events that are the root of your problem and work to resolve them, so you can have more peace and a more positive sense of self. We will also work on present difficulties as well as any possible future issues to achieve complete emotional health. 

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