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Hey There

I'm Dusty Lockett. I am a certified EMDR therapist and I can honestly say I have one of the greatest jobs. I not only work with some of the finest people but I get  to see amazing transformations. I specialize in First Responders, PTSD, Past or Recent Trauma, Anxiety, OCD, and Phobias.



How Can I help?


Are you a First Responder and feel burnt out? 

Or are you still bothered by a critical incident or even multiple critical incidents?

Are you struggling with Anxiety or have difficulty being around others?

Did you suffer from trauma or neglect in the past and it is interfering with your present functioning?

Have you suffered from a recent traumatic event like an accident or betrayal?

Is there a past incident that you can't seem to get over?

Do you have obsessive thoughts or compulsions, negative thoughts about yourself, or excessive future worries that you can't stop?

Do you have phobias that prevent you from doing things you want to do?

These are the issues that I love helping adults to overcome

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